I'm a big big girl in a big big world 
我是個堅强的女孩 生存在這個無限大的世界裡
it's not a big big thing if you leave me 
你離我而遠去 那是没有什麽大不了的
but I do do feel that I do do will miss you much miss you much
我真的感覺自己好想好想你 #

I can see the first leaf falling it's all yellow and nice 
it’s so very cold outside like the way I'm feeling inside 
外面的世界很冷 就象我現在的心情


outside it's now raining and tears are falling from my eyes 
窗外下着雨 淚水跌落我眼底 
why did it have to happen why did it all have to end 
為什麼不得不開始 又為什麼必須要结束?


I have your arms around me warm like fire 
火燒過你的手臂環繞着我 好温暖 我沉沉睡去
but when I open my eyes you’re gone 
可當我睁開雙眼 你已不在

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